Quality education at Quest International University Perak

Quality education at Quest International University Perak

Find the right career for the right job Quest International University Perak.

The biggest and perhaps the toughest decision to make after getting hold of a degree is what is the next step? Looking for a quality university or institute is always a task in Malaysia with the list of institutes at every corner of the country.  Quest International University Perak is one of the very few well famed universities in the country known for their academics and world class facilities. And preparing for the test with a cup of coffee and gist of nature is always an added advantage!

Quest International University Perak situated at Ipoh the heart of the state is one of the latest entrants to the educational plethora in the country.

Affiliated with well known institutes like International Institute of Information Technology and KLE University the institute had good promises in terms of quality education. The programs offered by the university was one of the most affordable compared to many other institutes around the city. They have the best faculty in terms of teaching that are industry experienced and imbibe the same kind of know how to the students.  Everything with a glimpse of nature and technology makes way for a perfect day at college!

The state of the art infrastructure is simply tranquil and helps in the better learning for the students. Talking about infrastructure the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled that allows the students to stay connected to the world.

They also have computer labs with the latest systems for the students to work on their projects. The Library filled with plethora of books on all the aspects of the world helps to stay updated. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics Labs equipped with the best instruments to give them practical experience. The Students Longue is a breather from the studies and is an interactive zone that connects the students of all the programs at one place. The Basketball court also lets the student bring out the Kobe Bryant in them! So if you are looking for a quality career and find yourself at the right job, Quest International University Perak is certainly the right place to kick off your career at.