Best Places To Retire In The US

We all want to live happy healthy lives. Research indicates that where you live just may be the best place to retire in the USA. There are many different aspects in deciding where to retire. For example, air quality, water and health habits of the residents.

In addition, when you look for locations to retire, you may want to look where residents go hiking, biking, swimming and the like. Is there a farmers market? Will this place have multiple hospitals? If so, there is a very good chance you will receive great medical care. Many times when considering moving into retirement within the U.S, we overlook college towns. Large Universities have teaching hospitals which have some of the latest techniques. These towns will also have many things that our youth do.

Looking for a great place to retire within the U.S? This can have different meanings in many ways. What's best for you is not the best for someone else. Most think that a best place to retire in the U.S. would be in the South. Not necessarily so. Although, a few places in the USA are in the warmer climate.

Honolulu, Hawaii. Why? Simply said, ' paradise'. This had one of the highest life expectancy rates surveyed.

A town in Virginia known as Charlottesville has history, culture, family doctors, medical school & great weather.

San Francisco Bay, California. This area has great natural beauty. Its residents are not overweight and most do not smoke. It has a healthy vitality with unsurpassed medical centers.

Naples, Florida. This is Florida's lost paradise. It houses open spaces along with the Everglades. It has beautiful weather, golf courses, outdoor activity, very few smokers and has one of the lowest cancer mortality rates. However, along with Honolulu, it has a high cost of living.

Santa Barbara, California. Sunny, outdoor living offers an active lifestyle with much sophistication. Dining, culture and residents are quite impressive.

Santa Fe, New Mexico. This area calls itself, "the city different". It has a blend of American Native and Spanish culture. Its health is outstanding. It has the lowest rates for diabetes, high cholesterol and known for its outdoor living and healthy eating.

Some of the best places to retire in the U.S. also include different climates. Colorado, Maine, Vermont, Utah, Minnesota, South Dakota, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Wisconsin to name a few.

No matter what your life style likes or dislikes, when it comes to places to retire in the U.S, you must do your homework. If you can vacation in the area you are considering as a retirement area, you will see first hand if this location will fit your lifestyle.