Howard University

Howard University is one of the famous university, which is located in Washington, District of Columbia, USA includes both American and African students equally. This university is famous for their teaching skill. They offer well-disciplined and well-mannered teaching environment. It was established in 1867, till now they don't want to look back. It gets funds from Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and also the US government gives fund annually for it's development. H. Patrick Swygert is the president of Howard University.

The University offers different types of graduation courses like college of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, John H. Johnson School of Communications, College of Dentistry, Scholl of Divinity, School of Education, College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences, Howard university graduate School, School of Law, college of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, School of Social Work, 2 Middle School of Mathematics and Science, etc.

The teachers and faculties are really professional and they are really dedicated to their job. The teachers encourage the talents of students, they encourage the students to participate in different programs to ingress their confidence and will power. There are more than 2075 students are available. There are more than 12000 undergraduate's students and more than 3000 graduate students' altogether. The college is divided into two sections as junior college and senior college, two sections has two years.

It is a residential type University. It is one of the oldest universities in USA. They're many famous peoples who get their basic education from this university. Famous peoples who studied in this university are famous in different departments like corporate world, politicians, ambassadors, writers, and celebrities.

The students can get education in any department, which they want to study because there are a wide variety of courses available. And also the college encourages the students who interested in sports, religion, art, music, theater, etc. The University assures the students to give their best to get them success in their education and they give correct guidance and support to choose the correct career.

Best Places To Retire In The US

We all want to live happy healthy lives. Research indicates that where you live just may be the best place to retire in the USA. There are many different aspects in deciding where to retire. For example, air quality, water and health habits of the residents.

In addition, when you look for locations to retire, you may want to look where residents go hiking, biking, swimming and the like. Is there a farmers market? Will this place have multiple hospitals? If so, there is a very good chance you will receive great medical care. Many times when considering moving into retirement within the U.S, we overlook college towns. Large Universities have teaching hospitals which have some of the latest techniques. These towns will also have many things that our youth do.

Looking for a great place to retire within the U.S? This can have different meanings in many ways. What's best for you is not the best for someone else. Most think that a best place to retire in the U.S. would be in the South. Not necessarily so. Although, a few places in the USA are in the warmer climate.

Honolulu, Hawaii. Why? Simply said, ' paradise'. This had one of the highest life expectancy rates surveyed.

A town in Virginia known as Charlottesville has history, culture, family doctors, medical school & great weather.

San Francisco Bay, California. This area has great natural beauty. Its residents are not overweight and most do not smoke. It has a healthy vitality with unsurpassed medical centers.

Naples, Florida. This is Florida's lost paradise. It houses open spaces along with the Everglades. It has beautiful weather, golf courses, outdoor activity, very few smokers and has one of the lowest cancer mortality rates. However, along with Honolulu, it has a high cost of living.

Santa Barbara, California. Sunny, outdoor living offers an active lifestyle with much sophistication. Dining, culture and residents are quite impressive.

Santa Fe, New Mexico. This area calls itself, "the city different". It has a blend of American Native and Spanish culture. Its health is outstanding. It has the lowest rates for diabetes, high cholesterol and known for its outdoor living and healthy eating.

Some of the best places to retire in the U.S. also include different climates. Colorado, Maine, Vermont, Utah, Minnesota, South Dakota, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Wisconsin to name a few.

No matter what your life style likes or dislikes, when it comes to places to retire in the U.S, you must do your homework. If you can vacation in the area you are considering as a retirement area, you will see first hand if this location will fit your lifestyle.

Several Tips in Choosing the Right University

Education is something very important that human being should have in their life. And for this certain reason, there are a lot of people try to get their undergraduate or post graduate education from any university that has good reputation. However, finding the best university for you is not only determined by the reputation of the university only. There are a lot of aspects that you should consider carefully before choosing certain place to study.

The first consideration is your purpose. Just decide why you are continuing your study in the university. If you want to improve your future career, choose any university that becomes the leader in the certain degree that you want to achieve. For example, if you want to study creative writing University of East Anglia will be the best choice. Or, you can choose University of Oxford if you are interested to study business.

However, choosing a certain subject is somehow confusing. If you have decided on a certain subject to study related with your future career plan, it will be easier. You just need to take related subject with your future goal. For example, you can take law if you plan to be a lawyer. But if you have not decided a certain plan for your future, you can choose a certain subject that you are good in.

The second consideration is the location of the university. Make sure that you have to be happy to stay in the certain city or environment. Why? It is very important for you to enjoy the life there because you will spend at least eight months a year to stay there. Consider the distance with your hometown because it will be important aspect as well. If you want to experience independent life, you can choose university as far as you can. But if you still want to come home and visit your parents sometimes, it is better for you to choose the nearer one.

The third aspect to be considered is the cost. Surely, it will be an important thing to be prepared when you are going to enter any university. Different universities require you to spend different amount of money. However, you can still apply for any scholarship programs that fortunately are available in a lot of kinds.

There will be a lot of choices of universities for you. Surely, what you have to do finding the best university for you, not the best university based on the rank. If you think that those best universities in the world are appropriate environment for you to study, surely it will be great. However, if you do not enjoy to study there, you just need to simply take another option.

Custom University Thesis

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Masters in USA Or Masters in UK?

Pursuing masters in UK has got several advantages over pursuing the same in USA like:

1.Duration of the course - It is one year in UK while it is 2 years in USA
2.Course Fee- Drastically less in UK and Australia compared to USA
3.Communication - Students from other countries are good at British accent compared to American
4.Travel expenses are lesser in UK
5.Affordable accommodation in UK

Well, the main reason why people prefer pursuing masters in the United states of America is associated with the "Quality of Education". Quality is the thing that ultimately decides the future of you and as per the opinions of many people, the quality of education is USA tends to be the "BEST". You may complete your masters within a year in UK but the knowledge you gain is very limited as per the arguments and you may need to do a PhD later on to grab a deserving job while many state that a masters in US is almost equivalent to a PhD and if you have got the required analytical and technical skills, you can earn a fortune.

People get a chance to work for their own university as research assistants in USA where they not only earn money but that the experience really counts and adds a great value to their profile. The money that you earn part time is definitely higher in US compared to UK. The exposure you get is more as you get to meet people from many different countries.

Those who could not get a US visa are looking for universities in UK. The process of getting an admit in UK is pretty easy, simple and a student who has very poor academic details and scores can also get an admit with ease. This is also an indication of the quality of education in UK.

This doesn't mean that all the universities in USA are better than that of UK. There are also highly reputed universities in UK where it is not easy to get an admission. It is better to take the entrance tests required for getting admission into both US and UK universities, make a list of all the universities in both the countries that you can get. Find the best one in both the lists - UK and US. Now, compare the two universities in several factors like course fee, quality of education, duration, part time etc and then chose the university.

The Popularity of Universities in North and South America For Study Abroad

North American countries like the United States and Canada have revolutionized the field of higher education with their countless world-class universities. The list of top universities in the world is most frequently dominated by institutes from these two countries. Though South American nations are yet to catch up with their northern counterparts in terms of education infrastructure, programs, teaching styles and academic records, some countries in this continent have made adequate educational advancements so as to attract more and more foreign students to their lands. Brazil is one such notable country that offers an outstanding setup for international education. We'll take a look at the top universities in USA, Canada and Brazil by means of this article.

The United States is virtually the land of hundreds of universities. Each university has its own rich history to narrate. In addition, a plethora of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs have made American universities the epicenter of all intellectual activities in the world. The top universities in USA have garnered reputation because of their overwhelming magnitude, revolutionary teaching methodology, and innumerable steps for the benefit of their students. These include Harvard University, Yale University, University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and Duke University. Harvard University is more than 360 years old with emphasis on the generation of knowledge, the adoption of this knowledge by students and the assistance to students to make the most of opportunities in education. The University has twelve different academic units or colleges operating under it. These colleges boast excellence in dentistry, law, public health, business administration, design, education, arts, and sciences.

Various top universities in Canada are ranked in terms of their student accomplishments, faculty, assistance to students, resources and name and fame. Other factors such as operating costs, student scholarship programs, expenditure on student services, library expenditure, and overall research earnings are taken into consideration as well. So, the list of best universities in the country comprises Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, McGill University, University of British Columbia, York University, Carleton University, University of Windsor and University of Regina. The Simon Fraser University with three eco-friendly campuses offers more than 100 specializations in education, communication, health sciences, arts, environment, technology and business administration. Similarly, McGill University has more than 75 research centers affiliated to it. It has two campuses that offer approximately 300 courses to international students coming from more than 150 nations.

The Best Filmmaking Schools

Choosing the best film schools is very important if you are interested in making a career in movies. These film schools can put you in touch with the best contacts in the movie industry in addition to giving you the best education to enable you to make the movies you want to make.

Film making schools allow you to learn how to bring your story to the world, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. And since making movies involves cross-discipline collaboration with others, there are several different areas of film making arts that you can choose to study: Production Direction Acting Writing Editing Sound Lighting

So, when you are trying to choose where to go from among the best film schools, you have several factors to consider.

First, consider the film majors that your different prospective schools offer--you could choose to go to a university which offers film as part of its total curriculum, or you could go to a "dedicated school" that is exclusively a film school, where you would be surrounded only by those who share your interest.

Then, if they have those that cover what you feel you are most interested in learning about film making, look at the reputations of the faculty members. Next, consider the course load and the tuition costs.

Now, keep in mind that the modern movie making industry relies heavily on computerized technology. This means that you may want to consider entering into this specialized part of the film business. If you are proficient with computers, this could be the job for you.

Finally, consider the location. If you place a high priority on rubbing elbows with or getting insider contacts for established film professionals such as actors or directors, you will probably want to look more closely at New York City or West Coast schools in the USA.