Finishing University Education In Two Year

Finishing University Education In Two Year

Two-year colleges are the fastest trend of any education institution today. Many universities, like DeVry University or Southwestern University, offer 2-year degrees giving an Associate's degree in some specific field.


These colleges are mainly used for two reasons. They are either to get a technical skill in two years so that you can immediately go to a high demand job and start making a decent living or they are used for up to two years to then transfer to a four-year university or college. It can be cheaper to attend two years at one of the technical colleges, then going to all four years at a major university. You will need to make sure that all of your credits will transfer to whatever four your university you plan on attending.


Colleges that are two years can be a great option for students who want to live at home while attending school.

Generally the classes at two-year colleges will be smaller, giving the student more attention from the professor. This can be a great advantage for many students. Your cost for attending this two-year college is also dramatically lower than any four year college. You can get degrees or certificates that will allow you to go into jobs such as a computer repairman, dental hygiene, an automotive technician, and many other skill trade based jobs.


Over one third of students attending two-year colleges are over the age of 30. This can give a young student a great way to interact with adults who live in the real world. Many four year colleges have students all of the same age. Many of these students will attend fraternities and sororities, which can be distracting for many people.

There are many advantages to going to a two-year or technical college. Before you sign up for either, make sure you understand all of your options.