Is Pinnacle University Jeopardizing Education?

Is Pinnacle University Jeopardizing Education?
Word of mouth is a common form of publicity. Students often talk to others about teachers they really enjoyed to other prospective students who use this information in deciding whether to take a specific class or not. Positive publicity may be just what a future student may need to choose a certain class. At Pinnacle University, an online institution, they wish to use natural socialization to help students financially and bring more students to take their virtual courses.

There is a risk that students driven by money can misuse the service. Would this ruin the communication between students? Furthermore, is this service worth it for Pinnacle University? Is the service worth what they are willing to pay for it?

In my experience, online courses can be enjoyable and provide valuable knowledge. They can have set schedules and certified teachers running them, but with Pinnacle University, they use a software called "Courseware" which allows the student to complete classes at his own pace. Completion can range anywhere from two hours to twenty hours a week.

This system of teaching seems inferior.

The online courses I took offered the best of both worlds. The range of courses online was much greater than those found in brick and stone schools, but they still provided an actual class with classmates.

We had the freedom to work the class into our daily schedules while still interacting with our peers through use of discussion boards and live online chat. Pinnacle University has forums set up for student interaction, but how much you interact beyond the software is your choice. A student lacking motivation to utilize this tool would miss out on peer contact.
Reading a forum is not that much more valuable than reading a book. The student would need to be motivated and actively seek a connection using Pinnacle's forums. I am also skeptical on how valuable businesses find the courses offered by Pinnacle University.

They mainly offer basic courses focusing on Business Education. There are many basic computer skill courses such as Introduction to Personal Computers and Certification for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project; 2003 and 2007.

The courses may be valuable to a student who is dedicated and wrings value from them. As it does not cost that much to enroll, the amount of value to be squeezed from the classes is not that large until they get back what was paid. With word of mouth, you could make money by sharing with others what value Pinnacle University did or did not bring to your life.

Tuition costs .95 a month with an initial fee of 0. Compared to brick and stone universities, this is very affordable to most people considering furthering their education. Though it is not a requirement, they offer networking and educational games. Reviews on these are few and far between.

Almost all of the initial sign up fee is returned to students. For each new student referred, Pinnacle University gives a bonus. For each student referred by someone you referred, you receive to , up to 4 people deep. Once six students sign up in what is called your down line, Pinnacle University gives a month for each student on the second level. No residual income is received for students you directly referred, and any line that grows over 50% of your volume, also stops giving residual income. This means teamwork and planning is a must when building your organization.

Go to to view more information on this complex compensation plan.

The idea could be successful only if you know and trust the person who sends the invite. 0 is a lot to invest in something that could possibly be a scam. Without information like how much textbooks cost, I am hesitant to trust this program especially when I found it difficult to find any student reviews on this university.

As the earn while you learn aspect as only been recently added, Pinnacle University has potential to grow if this program is successful. With success bring a larger course selection and higher accreditation. However, I would suggest being interested in the current courses and sign up not to make money but to further your education.

Pinnacle University is an educational system with no affiliation to the Missouri College, Pinnacle Career Institute Online.