Queensland University-One Of The Best Among Australian Universities

Queensland University-One Of The Best Among Australian Universities

Gone are those days when people hesitate to go to abroad for higher studies. Nowadays, everybody cherishes a dream to get admitted into foreign university. Australia is becoming the abroad study destination for students all over the world just because of excellent study programs, best career opportunities and amiable and student welfare services. Therefore, learning and studying in Australia is the new craze among students and Australian government also introducing various facilities that attract foreign students. There are numerous options when one decides to go for Australian universities for example,

University of Queensland

Queensland University is one of the best among Australian universities. University of Queensland is informally known as UQ. It was founded in1909, which is over 100 years ago, and it is the oldest university in Queensland and fifth in Australia.

Being a dedicated research centre, it has a large number of international students.

University of Melbourne

Uni of Melbourne, public university which is located in Melbourne, is the second oldest university in Australia. It was founded in 1853 and now known as the oldest universities in Victoria. When it comes to study about biological and health sciences the Melbourne University is the best choice.

Macquarie University

When it comes to research, Mq uni is the best choice. Macquarie University is Australia’s leading research universities and fourth largest university in Sydney. It is well-known for having largest student exchange programme in Australia. It is comprised of four faculties and achieved 7th rank in Australian university rankings.

Griffith University

Griffith University is located in the south Queensland.

It is a public and co-educational university. It has five satellite campuses offering both undergraduate and post graduate degrees across ten discipline areas which include arts, engineering, business, Music, education, law, IT, health, visual arts and environment etc.

Every Australian university has some speciality and they are launching various programmes to invite foreign students towards them. Behind the popularity of Australian universities, accessibility of research activities has loins share. Now, University of qld is the Mecca for the researchers. Being equipped with all the affordable economical, educational and international services, studying in an Australian university is the perfect way to launch your career. If you are one of the candidates who are seeking admission in the any of the Australian universities, it is better to go for university rankings. To know more about Australian universities you can go with the University Ratings. Visit them at uniaustralia.com.au and choose the right one university for you.