Sony Projector To Help Create A Modern Education System, Shanxi University

Sony Projector To Help Create A Modern Education System, Shanxi University

Overview users: Shanxi University, Shanxi Province is located in

capital of Taiyuan, the Chinese historical and cultural city, is a school has a long history, rich cultural institution of higher learning. Formerly May 8, 1902 run by the Shanxi Grand School, in May 2005 as Shanxi Province People's Government of Shanxi University Education Ministry of Construction Provincial build a university. Schools with philosophy, economics, law education, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and all other disciplines. As the only one in Shanxi comprehensive university, the school has a Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices, and other national key laboratories and demonstration laboratory. Learn modern teaching schools attached great importance is the introduction of Shanxi Province, the first multimedia network management of the university with.

Sony Projector Solution: Through a detailed understanding of user needs and site visits on the use of the environment, Sony and distribution Mt Xikang Wyatt Cheng Loong Corporation, Shanxi University recommended for different applications of Projection display Solution:

Multimedia Classroom: Teaching the use of Multimedia Projector with high frequency, long period of time, good heat and dust for a long time the projector is essential.

It is based on this consideration, Shanxi University, multimedia classrooms for most of the installation of the Sony VPL-CX131, CX161, EX70, etc. developed specifically for education customers projector products. The model is the Sony Corporation in 2009 specifically for the Chinese education market customers tailored projection products.

Particular SonyCX series of projectors, projector air inlet through the first installation of a large volume of dust filter, so that the machine has excellent heat, dust features, such as SonyVPL-CX131 installed on top of the second generation of enhanced dust filter cover, it's dust capacity increase than the average 1.5 times as long filters can effectively block 90% of the dust about the size of 2um.

(Pollen / chalk the size of about 10um), for a similar volume of smoke that is only 0.3um size of objects, effectively blocking rate as high as 60% in these settings carefully to ensure that teaching time, the operation of the machine remains stable . In addition, these models also incorporate Environmental protection Energy-efficient green design, such as VPL-EX130, not just light bulbs and filters can be replaced at the same time, the unique power saving circuit, the power consumption in standby mode so that only 1 watt; when the machine is set to power saving mode, if In 10 minutes no signal input and operation, the projector will automatically enter power-saving mode state. The design of public utilities and energy saving up closely linked, not only in international environmental trends in the 21st century, and add up to save the national resources well. In addition to daily teaching

long made use of dust high heat requirements, excellent picture quality, choose a college and an important indicator of the projector, especially for the screen level, color reproduction, etc. are very "sensitive" art, film related major. Shanxi College of Fine Arts that is used a lot of SonyVPL-CX131 for their daily teaching this Sony tailor specific needs of Chinese users of the model, thanks to Sony's unique (usually only used in high-end products will a) LCD digital signal processing, with the dynamic details of the enhancer (DDE), and 12-bit 3D Gamma Correction Technology Well improve the image of bright color and clarity. At the same time, with a focus on function and good light transmittance, refractive index of large diameter, all-glass high-definition Shot Make sense of teaching and a clear picture of the level of purity is further improved, for the professional art education has laid a good foundation.

In the small conference room / out teaching and research exchange: a light portable projector to the meeting for the temporary, temporary teaching evaluation provides a great convenience. Shanxi University, Graduate School and other departments that use the Sony MX20 \ 25, DX11 \ DX15 and other portable data projector to meet the frequent lectures, presentations using the occasion demands. A super-slim, light weight, compact design the atmosphere, also incorporates advanced automatic functions, simple operation, ease of use.

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teacher in charge of Sony projector products and services expressed great recognition: "Sony reliable quality, image clarity, detail, strong sense of hierarchy, whether the educational models for teaching, or for interim meetings and buy a portable mobile projector, very easy to use. In particular, we used in the multimedia classroom that several educational models, dust, heat function very well without the slightest noise, energy consumption is small, installation, operation is very easy. and Sony dealer Kang Yue Cheng Loong Corporation's daily maintenance attentive maintenance services, in the case of some urgent repairs and provide fast, attentive service and support teachers to use is assured So this year we purchased a large number of Sony projector. At the same time, we hope that the future can be related to the staff responsible for facilities management, school teachers conduct regular training and operational guidance, deepen our understanding of the use. "