Universe?s Top Strangest Things

Universe?s Top Strangest Things

For some people, universe is nothing but white dots sprinkled across the night sky. For others, stars and galaxies are all they can think of. Universe is a weird and strange place which is full of puzzling and mysterious elements. Here are strangest and unexplainable occurrences of the space.



Life is the result of energy and matter in the universe. However, only a few places have basic ingredients and conditions necessary for living. Until now, the recipe of living from the basic elements such as carbon, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon etc is still a scientific and prevailing mystery.



Black Holes

Black hole is about 10,000 to 18 billion times heavier than the sun. The black hole is believed to gobble stars, dust and gas.


Dark Matter

Scientists say that just about 4 percent of stars, comets, galaxies and asteroids are known. The other 96 percent of them is invisible.



It may sound strange that the planet in which we are living is still a mysterious unit of the universe. The formation of gas, dust and rocky into planet is unexplainable.


Hypervelocity Stars

Hypervelocity star exists only one in 100 millions stars. In 2005, the first "hypervelocity" star was discovered which traveled at the speed of 530 miles per second.



Neutrinos originate from both living and exploring stars and the Big Bang.


Dark Energy

Dark energy still confuses not only human beings and scientists as well. The dark energy is said to push the galaxies in space farther away from each other.


The Universe

Universe – the source of energy, living and matter – is a great and ultimate mystery itself.